Over 30 Years Of High-Calibre Commercial Litigation

Marvin J. Huberman is a mediator, arbitrator and senior business lawyer and litigator practising in Toronto. He holds a Master of Laws degree in alternative dispute resolution and is a certified specialist in civil litigation.

As an appointed member of Ontario's Court Civil Rules Committee, he thoroughly understands the rules of civil procedure and plays a vital role in creating them. This added dimension of expertise backs his record of success in litigating cases before all levels of trial and appellate courts and numerous administrative tribunals.

'Advocacy, War And The Art Of Strategy'

This heading is the title of an article that Mr. Huberman authored for the Law Society of Upper Canada. It is also the calculated and tenacious approach he takes to litigating all his cases.

In the adversarial system of litigation, achieving client objectives in time and on budget requires an end-to-end strategy as thoroughly contemplated and planned for as in a literal military campaign. For decades, Mr. Huberman has used this methodical approach to litigating complex cases involving individuals, businesses, financial institutions, insurers and governments.

Winning The Fight Through Professionalism And Ethics

The other critical component of Mr. Huberman's approach is maintaining integrity and ethics at the highest levels.

His professionalism has been widely recognized by clients, colleagues and legal authorities. Mr. Huberman is the recipient of the Dedicated Professional Service Award from the Canadian Bar Association, Ontario. He also serves as chair of the Ontario Committee on Professionalism and is a founding member of the Chief Justice of Ontario's Advisory Committee on Professionalism.

Mr. Huberman's high-quality approach has resulted in a career replete with notable and reported cases in such areas as:

  • Contract disputes
  • Torts
  • Administrative law
  • Professional liability
  • Corporate law and shareholder disputes
  • Employment law
  • Partnership disputes
  • Real estate, leasing, construction and landlord-tenant issues
  • Securities, tax and commercial insurance disputes
  • Cross-border litigation and foreign claims
  • Appeals
  • Other areas of practice, including administrative and public law, high technology, intellectual property and transportation litigation

Begin A Strategic Consultation

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