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Marvin J. Huberman ll.b, ll.m.
Lawyer, Mediator & Arbitrator

Marvin J. Huberman, LL.B., LL.M. (ADR), C.Arb, C.S. (Civil Litigation) is a senior lawyer, commercial arbitrator and mediator with over 30 years of experience. He represents individual and business clients, financial institutions, insurers and governments in Toronto, Ontario, and has acted in cases in the U.S. and Europe and internationally.

His lifetime of tireless dedication to advancing the legal profession also continues to win him numerous accolades and distinctions.

The Law As A Noble Pursuit

From the start of his career, Mr. Huberman has maintained a firm belief that pursuing justice is a noble endeavour. It is not a destination that one attains upon being called to the bar, but a lifelong journey imbued with meaning and purpose. This philosophy forms the bedrock of Mr. Huberman's entire approach to practising law.

Core Values Of A Decades-Long Practice

Mr. Huberman strives mightily to integrate respect for the profession's ideals and traditions into a strong sense of community and greater good. The three pillars of his practice are built on:

  • Client focus — Mr. Huberman holds himself to a duty of fidelity toward all clients as he works to win them their rightful due from society.
  • Community — Mr. Huberman feels a strong obligation to the courts, to our system of law and to the community as a whole. He works sincerely and continually at refining his qualifications, skills and personal qualities while administering the law.
  • Conscience — Mr. Huberman is dedicated to high moral standards and using ethical means to pursue an ethical end, both in the legal profession and in life.

A Lifetime Of Dedication To The Profession

Mr. Huberman has acted in many noteworthy cases that have furthered the interpretation of law. He has numerous reported cases, including some top 10-rated cases.

Mr. Huberman is deeply involved in promoting and elevating the legal profession. He is a frequent speaker and the author of numerous books and articles. He chairs and participates in numerous legal organizations and committees. He has also served as an instructor at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Testimonials by colleagues and clients about his work, view his CV and professional qualifications or click here to access his profile.

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